The Why of Random Making Stuff


The Why of Random Making Stuff |

 a little clarification

There is a little voice inside my heart that is telling me to clarify some things. Now. This might not actually be necessary. But then again, perhaps it is. With it still being the beginning of the New Year, it just might indeed be a great time to have this little conversation with you all.

Let me start off by declaring this:

Hello! My name is Jamie Pate. And I really really like to make stuff.

There. That should about cover it.

The Why of Random Making Stuff |

Here is what I feel may need to be clarified: just what exactly does the above mean?

My hope is to inspire my friends to create. However, I do not hope to then incur a frenzy, if you will. By that I mean, one day I may be posting and talking about Memory Planner. And you all so graciously join in the conversation over on the Facebook design page and it's just so good and meaningful.

But then, I post a MemoryDex card. Well, I feel this little shift takes place like a boat getting a little tossed at sea. And then the chat becomes all about MemoryDex and how much we love it and wish there were still products to be had to support that wonderful making medium. (More on that in another post...hang with me here and stay focused.)

Thus a clarification may be needed...because when it comes down to it, I just really really like to do and dabble in a whole lot of making things.

Do not think I am alone in this.

The Why of Random Making Stuff |

So, once upon a time, as a mere preteen, I read the book called The Diary of Anne Frank. That pretty much changed a trajectory in my life. From that time forward I began to keep a diary. We now call those journals. But it started a life long love of my own written word and now absolutely everything that surrounds that.

So then, what does that now fuel in me even to this day? The desire to encourage any and all to 'write it down'! Let's summarize what we have going so far: I love to make stuff. I love to write stuff. So then of course that lends itself to this: I love to make stuff and then write in and on the made stuff.

And just what does that actually look like in the real time of what I do with my days and then post about?

It looks like: Scrapbook pages. Scrapbook albums. Art journals. Themed journals. Memory Planners. Cards. Tags. Stuffed envelopes. MemoryDex cards.

Does that make sense?

The Why of Random Making Stuff |

I'm really not that spastic in what is happening on the daily here. Well...OK...maybe a little. 

Oh...and then on top of making the things that are really personal to me and create a wealth of memory keeping and journal writing, I also make stuff for the likes of Heidi Swapp and ScrapbookCom and Sizzix and others. But to be sure, what I make for them is (as much as I am possibly able) congruent and organic to what it is I like to make and want to share.

Does all that make sense?

The Why of Random Making Stuff |

One more thing. Let me give you a small example of what is on my workspace as we speak right this minute: (afterall it is Wednesday when I am writing this: #workspacewednesday anyone?)

There is a project that I am not able to reveal at present. That project is not only providing for me some much needed creative play (which I highly recommend), but it is also providing fodder for the One Word album I will be keeping this year too. While I am making samples to be revealed at a later date, these samples are either fueling much needed creative time, or they are allowing me to add to a current album.

Also, on my work space, are some samples for another project. With that I was able to go ahead and fill in the month at a glance for February Memory Planner which I have been longing to do. Those month-at-a-glance pages in the Memory Planner get neglected by me. But I want to create better time to fill them in. So I did just that. Rendering that page authentic, true to me, and also will be a fun example to share with you for your own Memory Planner inspiration when I am able to share it.

And one more thing: thank you cards. I need to make some thank you cards. And as we know when we make tags, that the tag is the gift? I believe the same thing for cards as well. 

My hope today was to share with you why it may seem I just share a broad and random array of stuff on the social platforms that I share on. I'm really not trying to be random. But I do believe in having more than one project going at a time. So thus the sharing. Of seemingly random things.

Know this, it all stems from the absolute love of creating. Of making stuff. Seeing what I can pull together from a presorted stash of pretty stuff. I'm a maker. Who loves to document too. So. That's what I do.

Now, therefore: go forth and make.


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